It’s important to know how to live. Unfortunately when we are born we aren’t automatically uploaded with knowledge of how to get the best out of ourselves, in particular how to think, act and live a life of joy and peace.

The internet is fast becoming a junk yard of meaningless information telling us how we should live and we follow it blindly. This site is for those who like to think deep, self-reflect and learn.

The articles on this site cover interesting topics that will provide you with a little more to ponder than the average article on the internet and hopefully help you to grow as a person.

The articles are usually in note form (usually taken from my latest book I’m reading), quick to the point and act as a general introduction to a concept or message. Further reading for more in depth knowledge is usually provided at the end.

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Where Are Your Social Media Accounts?

There was a time where this site had Twitter and Facebook accounts with thousands of followers and fans on each account, however we decided to get rid of them. We believe that although social media can have it’s advantages, it mostly is not healthy and should be avoided if you want to live a healthy and happy life.

There have been many studies now documented that constantly checking social media accounts does nothing but make you unhappier and more depressed. It is not healthy to look at people posting the best versions of themselves daily. As the famous saying goes, ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’

Not only does it make us unhappier, but it is also a big waste of time. We already are inundated with pointless information and constant distraction so we need to learn to only pay attention to what is important to us.

During our time posting we felt it conflicted with our values and thus we decided to stop our activity on social media.

Our motto is, stop staring at your phone reading updates that are garbage, and get outside and go for a walk in nature.


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