How to Increase Grip Strength & Wrist Stability

When it comes to increasing your hand grip strength we usually think of exercises such as using a hand gripper or a squeeze ball to develop strength. In other words, exercises which work on closing our hands forcefully. This may work to some degree but the problem is that we can begin to develop muscle imbalances in our forearms because we tend to grip, or close our hands with force a lot more than we open them up. For instance not only are we doing these exercises but we pick things up all day, gripping certain things such as your coffee cup, a heavy carrier bag, opening a tight jar or if you’re in the gym you grip tight your dumbbell.

So what’s the issue?

The issue is, that the degree to which you can develop your grip strength is related to the degree that the muscles to open the hand are developed. So if you have worked tirelessly on your grip strength you may want to look at finger extensor training which works the muscles that open the hand up.

Flex Ex

I took the advice in the video and got myself some ‘Flex Ex‘ hand trainers. It comes in a pack with three trainers with differing degrees of tension.

Flex Ex hands

It’s still early days but if I’m watching a movie or television, I’ll usually grab these after i’ve done my foam roller exercises. I don’t like to sit around vegetating in front of the tv so doing this makes me feel better about myself.

If you’d like to try the Flex Ex out you can pick up a pack of Amazon quite cheaply.

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