11 Simple Signs to See if You’re Succeeding in Life

Success is a rather subjective topic. One might feel that success is having a mansion with its own swimming pool at your disposal, another might think it is the quality time you spend with your beloved family. So how exactly do people decide if they are succeeding?

No, it’s not your salary—that’s you succeeding in the rat race of earning money. How do you know if you’re succeeding in life?

Here are quite a few definitive signs that you’re on the road of success.

1. You have found what you are passionate about

Everyone has something or the other that makes him or her feel complete. You know what you love, be it books and poetry or even researching bugs and you’re not afraid to devote your life to it. While you may have your job that requires tons of time, you always remember to keep time for what you love so that your job does not bore you out.

If you’ve made your passion into your career, you get brownie points!

2. You are your own competitor

Most often, people let their pride get the better of them. This means not experimenting or pushing themselves because they fear they may not win or not match up to someone else.  You however, are not built for this rat race.

You truly embody the spirit of working to make yourself better than who you were yesterday.

3. You are a person who does what they say

Unlike many who sell themselves with flamboyant words and run when the time comes for a hard toil, you work hard. When you say you will do something, you keep your word. Deadlines are very important to you, not only for work but also in friendship. People aren’t afraid to make plans with you because they don’t have to fear you not turning up!

4. You are reliable

Be it family, friends or colleagues, everyone knows you are someone who will help them when the time arises. You are caring and giving, but also don’t let people step all over you. You are a great team member and a passionate leader. Your friends love being around you because they feel safe and comfortable with you.

5. You take care of your body

You get tired after a long grueling week. Sometimes, the fatigue can lead to sickness too. While you’re known greatly for helping others, you don’t neglect your own body. You take regular appointments and eat healthy. You also find it important to sweat it out and enjoy a good workout session. But it is never anything extra strenuous! You know your body in and out and know how much of work it can take before collapsing.

6. You have a great support system

Along the years, you might have had a fair share of drama, but those days are in the past now. You have a bunch of people who you truly love and vice versa. You would do anything for them just like they are a call away in time of distress. These are the people you feel comfortable with as they create a space without judgment and give you honest advice—even though the truth sometimes is bitter.

These people motivate you everyday to be the best at what you do, and you are forever grateful of their presence in your life.

7. You unplug

Keeping up with friends, work, family and everyone you are connected with through social media can be a workout on it’s own. You realize that life isn’t only about others and take time to embrace solitude.

While many view being alone as a sign of being lonely, you use it as a time to reflect on yourself and the world around you. A little time away from people helps you regroup and refocus yourself. That’s why you are sure to be found doing something that helps you unplug, be it yoga, meditation, diary writing or walks outdoors.

8. You have a game plan

A sign of success is being a good organizer. You know what you want in life, be it for tomorrow or 20 years after. You know how to achieve that goal and work for it. You are ambitious and focused on the goal at hand. You also tend to focus on the larger pictures of life rather than focusing on minute details that will not matter in the long run.

9. You ask for help

Though you are extremely motivated and willing to work, it’s not like your path to success was one without any mishaps and failures. However you use that failure as a sign of the need to improve your ways. You never give up and when you are stuck, you turn to someone you trust for help.

Showing that you need assistance doesn’t show you are weak, it shows that you are dedicated enough to ask others to help you out.

10. You forgive

Who doesn’t have fights that are messier than you’d like them to be?

Your blood boils and arguments lead to months and years of separation between the two parties. Some hold grudges for years, however you don’t. You don’t believe in keeping grudges because they just pull you down with emotional baggage. You forgive people. This doesn’t mean you’re naïve or they are welcome into your life again; it just means you’re willing to move on from your past and grow from the experience.

11. You are positive and happy

This is perhaps what gives away whether you are truly successful at life or not.

You wake up each morning with a smile and optimism to make the world for yourself and the ones around you a better place. You remember to thank people and are grateful for the life that you have.

While others are wallowing about how Netflix took out a show, you focus on the new ones they added! You are content—something that not many can proudly say.


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